The lure of new

I regularly keep up with Seth Godin’s blog. Seth writes 1 blogpost every day, and it is no coincidence that you see this pattern repeated on my blog.

On Seth’s blog I bookmark posts that really resonate with me – the ones that make me stop and think, and help me see the world differently. I bookmark about 1 in 30 posts to revisit.

Yet, I hardly ever come back to those bookmarked posts. Say I have 10 minutes of downtime, where I could read either 10 bookmarked posts or 10 new ones, I always pick the new ones. Why is that I choose to read a new post rather revisit one that I have curated as 1 in a 30?

The excitement of finding something new often prevents us from revisiting the old and valuable. While we may profit from discovery, it comes at the cost of depth.

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