A big project

On which day are you likely to be more productive? One where you have 20 tasks spread across 3 projects? Or one where you work on one task in merely one project?

Days when I am spread thin across projects are busy days on which I feel like I have achieved nothing. Working on one thing for an entire day brings focus, continuity and flow.

What if you centered your life on one big project? Starting a new career, moving in with a partner, raising a new born, starting a business, mastering an art-form. All of these are singular projects that we can anchor the rest of our lives around. They render everything else non-essential and put our lives in a state of flow.

What if wish to execute more than one project? Plan them in sequence, so that at any given time, your life merely has one priority.

Too many simultaneous projects fragment our lives. And like a fragmented day, a fragmented life feels inadequate.

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