If it hurts, do it more often

What can pass off like a masochist’s motto on the surface, it is actually profound when you think about it deeper.

This phrase turned popular in the world of continuous integration. Developers have a tendency to delay integrating their code with that of other developers. It always hurts to integrate your code – parts of it don’t fit together. But the longer you wait before integrating, the more it hurts. Therefore, the means to minimize pain is to integrate smaller changes more frequently.

The same principle applies for most pursuits that are meaningful. They invariably come with some pain, discomfort and difficulty. Yet, all of these are smaller if we showed up more often. It is easier to practice a little everyday than to ship a massive project occasionally.

Much of life is about pain management. The most effective way to manage pain is to spread it out over small increments.

Inspiration: Martin Fowler

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