From ‘someday’ plans to ‘everyday’ plans

Back when I started writing, I used to often suffer from ‘writer’s block’.

The posts on my blog were rare, and each of them used to take me several hours to write, edit, proofread and publish. This turned into a downward spiral. The longer a post took, the longer it would be before I wrote something again.

In 2018, on a cold January morning, I decided to write and publish a post everyday. I wrote one post on day 1. Another on day 2. And another on day 3. Once I had a streak going, I could not stop. I have now written daily for more than 4 years.

In the beginning, each post used to take long. I had to stretch hard to fit one blogpost into my daily routine, despite a long workday or if I am on vacation. With time it got easier. Daily blogging has now turned into a habit that only takes me as much time as brewing and drinking a cup of coffee.

It turns out that writer’s block’ is a myth.

We all go about our daily lives with several plans for ‘someday’. Like living in a farmhouse, starting one’s own business or mastering a musical instrument. Yet, as it is often said, life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.

The antidote is to fit those plans into your day-to-day life. If you would like to master a musical instrument, can you squeeze in a 10 min daily practice session? Could your farmhouse plan start as a balcony garden?

Sadly, most people take their ‘someday’ plans with them to the grave. To rescue them, turn your ‘someday’ plans into ‘everyday’ plans.

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