Funnel vision

Judgement is the funnel through which we filter our experiences.

Supporters of the ruling party see the opposition through a funnel of disapproval. The achievements of their party passes through this funnel, and its every criticism gets filtered out.

When the referee rules in your team’s favour, it passes through your filter. Her decisions that go against your team get on your nerves. In a closely contested final, both sides feel that the referee was unfair to their side.

A partriotic funnel is likely to filter out any beauty in a foreign land. A dietary funnel limits your ability to appreciate different cuisines. A religious funnel is the basis for communal bigotry. Even virtuous funnels have their limitations. An ecologically conscious funnel prevents you from appreciating anything you perceive to not be eco-friendly.

We carry our funnels everywhere. Everything we experience passes through them before reaching us.

Yet, the world is filled with infinite beauty. Imagine looking at the Grand Canyon through a funnel. Looking through a funnel vastly limits your field of vision. The narrower the funnel, the more it limits your ability to appreciate life itself.

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