Hold onto the baby

Say you pick up a book and find it interesting. You have read half of the book, and it has resonated with you so far.

All of a sudden, you read something that seems completely illogical. Like spotting a polar bear beside a highway, you can’t believe what you’ve just read. You read it again, only to confirm that you didn’t misread it the first time.

At such a point, do you set the book aside and discount everything you have read so far? Or do you read further by looking past the parts that seem ridiculous to you?

Most wisdom in the world comes in mixed bags, where the valuable blends into the outrageous. Religious scriptures contain the most timeless of human wisdom, but their stories are often sprinkled with parts that are at complete odds with our world today. If the deviant parts cause you to discount the entire text, you also stand to lose the gems of wisdom they conceal.

When 80% of a book has the potential to transform your life, can you learn to sift it out from the 20%? Can you hold on to the baby even as you discard the bathwater?

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