A bird’s eye view of time

Observing a traffic crossing from atop a skyscraper can be an interesting experience.

From up here, the cars on the streets are orderly. You can see how they change lanes on time, slow down at the intersection, give way to pedestrians and get along really well with each other.

From behind the wheel of a car, in the midst of the action, it is hard to appreciate this order. You only see the bits of chaos that stand out. A bird’s eye view of traffic helps you better appreciate its systemic order.

Given how intricate our road systems are, we don’t appreciate how orderly its movement is. If this isn’t clear, turn off traffic lights scramble up some road signs, erase lane markings and witness the chaos that unfolds. A bird’s eye view puts this order into perspective.

Moving from space to time, our habits and routines play a similar role. In the thick of our daily routines, we do not appreciate how much order they bring to our life. Taking a bird’s eye view helps us appreciate the order and efficiency that routines bring to the otherwise chaotic temporal maps of our lives.

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