Use your best judgement

On a scale of 1 to 5, how satisfied were you with your work in the last 3 weeks?

If you needed a computer to answer this, you need specify

  • that only integer ratings are acceptable
  • what each rating between 1 and 5 stand for
  • what you define as work
  • how you measure satisfaction
    You then need to input all the relevant information for every working day of the last 3 weeks before you begin to see an answer.

Yet, ask any human this question and they would supply an answer almost instantly. This answer may not be perfect, but is often good enough to work with. The difference? We humans are intuitive. We are capable of exercising judgement based on how we feel about certain things.

As a machine, you are paid to do what you are told to do. As a human, you are paid to use your best judgement. Let us stop confusing the two.

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