What pandemic haircuts teach us

Did you ever imagine that one day, you would submit to getting a haircut from somebody who wasn’t a trained professional?

Before the pandemic, that would have sounded like an outrageous idea. Yet, here we are, where most of us have either given ourselves at least one haircut, or submitted our precious locks to the hands of an untrained loved one. In fact, it is more than a year since I went to a barber.

Why was this unthinkable for us before?

In the pre-pandemic era, the risk of getting a bad haircut seemed too high. We had assumed that bad haircuts would be easy to spot and invite much ridicule. Therefore, we always went to a professional.

Now that we are cutting our own hair and bad haircuts abound, where is the ridicule we once feared? Does anybody even notice?

Haircuts during the pandemic have taught us that we are ridiculed more in our imagination than in reality.

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