The flipside of a motivation quote

‘You are the master of your destiny.’

We often see such clichéd motivation quotes plastered over t-shirts or wallpaper backgrounds. And for what they are worth, they do empower people to some extent.

Yet, they sound empty because there is a flipside.

If you are the master of your destiny, this belief also holds you responsible when something goes wrong in your life. Just as the quote is universal, this blame is attached regardless of whether you were in control of the misfortune that struck you.

Even in the 21st century, we are held in the sway of several forces we don’t control – from natural disasters, disease to plain bad-luck. While sappy motivation may help us overcome limitations, it also holds us accountable for every failure in our own lives – even the ones we could not have prevented.

True empowerment is also about accepting our limitations.

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