Equal, but different

A potluck party helps us understand difference and equality.

Difference is about what we bring to the table – everybody brings a different dish. Equality is about how we are treated at the table. Everybody receives their fair share.

A potluck party would be boring without the difference, and no fun without the equality. They both need to coexist.

Men and women are different, but equal.

A graphic designer and a back-end developer on a tech-team are different, but equal.

Gender, race, ethnicity, language, culture, background, domain – all of these are different shades of colour on a canvas of equality.

Let us conjure up some masterpieces!

One thought on “Equal, but different

  1. Try telling that to Muslim radicals and Politicians.
    Instead of evolving into better & better versions, the mindset is deteriorating into unbelievable directions😢


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