Taking out the trash

Most of us begin our day to the visit to the loo. Emptying the body of trash the first thing in the morning is a good feeling. It primes us to face the rest of the day.

The same principle applies to the mind as well.

If you closed your eyes shortly after waking up, what is the state of your mind? Which thoughts swim around in the confines of your head? Which of those really serve you? As our brain tries to make sense of the world around us, the thoughts in our head serve as background noise. A quiet, still and empty mind that is free from trash is also one that is most receptive.

Here is how you can take the trash out from the mind every morning. Start with a blank piece of paper / file on your computer. Close your eyes and once you sense a thought swimming inside, write it down as a short bullet. Then close your eyes again and repeat this process until your head is quiet once again. It is important to write down any thought you have without judgement, lest they hide away when you’re looking for them only to resurface later.

Once those thoughts are outside your mind and trapped on paper or an electronic device, it is harder for them to find their way back into your head.

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