One minute at a time

Why do we have days, where we are busy all the time, but don’t get anything done?

At the heart of the ‘busy work’ problem lies a tendency to switch between tasks. Finishing one task is more satisfying than making 10% progress on 5 tasks. In case you are wondering, the remaining 50% is spent switching between these tasks.

The solution to this problem is to make a check-list, prioritize it and work through it one task at a time. Instead of doing things in parallel, you only move to the next task after striking it off the list. The underlying principle is to build a habit of doing one thing at a time – one that is as hard to cultivate as it sounds banal.

A long journey is made one step at a time. A meaningful day is lived one minute at a time. Can you step into every minute of your day with complete focus on only on that minute?

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