Finite beings in an infinite era

The internet age is also the age of infinite options.

We have access to infinite information in our pockets. The digital era has spawned infinite career options. You could master infinite skills through online courses. E-commerce platforms can stock infinite products on virtual shelves, to be delivered to our doorstep.

In response, the mantra of our times seems to be ‘you can do more’! Hordes of self-help books, productivity gurus and life-hackers have turned ‘getting more done’ the world’s mission, so much so that if you don’t subscribe to it, you can end up feeling like a loser.

But here’s the problem. Our time on the planet is (still) finite. And in that limited time, we need to earn a wage, show up as parents, partners, friends, relatives, colleagues and maximize our productivity.

Like a wedding guest with a small plate in front of an endless buffet, those mouth-watering options are lined up in front of us. And like the ancient mariner, we spend the rest of our short lives, wearing the guilt of not making the most of all those options around our necks.

We are finite beings thrown into an era of infinite choice. What we need today is a philosophy on how to find meaning in doing less.

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