The leftovers

Do you spend enough time cultivating your personal relationships? Or does ‘life’ get in the way?

When a zebra is hunted on the Savannah, its meat is staked in an order of priority. First, the lions, the leopards and the cheetahs get their shares. Then the hyenas totter in for their pounds of flesh. Once the hyenas are done, the vultures step in. In the end, if something is leftover, the jackals come in to salvage it.

The demands on our time are also lined up on a pecking order. Our time is limited and is mostly devoted to our careers, entertainment portals and personal projects. Our personal relationships, which are the most important for our long-term health and well-being, are often relegated to the lowest rung in our ladder of priorities.

For our personal relationships to thrive, we must stop treating them like scavengers.

3 thoughts on “The leftovers

  1. True. Kamalu paatti & Kitchu thatha, had mastered this art.
    Kamalu paatis life was dedicated to friends & relatives and she made it an everyday routine.
    Kitchu thatha used to write letters to ALL relatives.
    When living in Palakkad, every single day evening, they would go to Kamalam athai’s, then CSK’ s, chit chat, explain Hindi serial to chithi & return at night.
    Even one day they did not miss!
    Whenever they had to visit Bengaluru, all & sundry would wait for their return like Akko pakshi 😅

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      1. Absolutely. Kamalu patti would go & take stock of her friends every single day. I think that kept her going.


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