Beating the Resistance

Are you a writer who doesn’t write, a painter who doesn’t paint or a musician who doesn’t create music?

There is always an internal battle between an artist’s intentions and actions. The artist’s enemy here is the Resistance* – the part of our mind that deters us from showing up and creating our best work.

The Resistance is a wily creature that resides within every artist. Time and again, it berates the artist’s work and shames them into not pursuing their craft. The Resistance deludes the artist into thinking that it protects the quality of their work. Alas! The surest way to dilute the quality of your craft is to set it aside for long periods and lose touch with it. That is exactly what the Resistance wants.

One kind of artist successfully beats the Resistance. She appears at her desk, glues her backside to the seat, opens a blank piece of paper and creates something where nothing existed. In those moments, she is engrossed in her work and does not worry about its quality. In those moments, the Resistance leaves her alone.

To beat the Resistance, you must show up, for that is what the Resistance most hates.

*Resistance – Steven Pressfield’s name for that internal force that prevents us from being the best versions of ourselves. Outlined in The War of Art.

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