Turning boredom into a game

How much fun is it to swim 40 laps back-to-back in a swimming pool?

Most of us cannot swim 40 laps in an Olympic size pool. Nevertheless, we wonder how the few people who choose to do that day after day do not get bored. The swimmers on the other hand will tell you how blissful and exciting their daily swim routine is.

The key to understanding how swimmers enjoy swimming is to realize that they are playing a game that most of us cannot see. What appears to us to be the same stroke lap after lap, is filled with an incredible amount of variation. On each lap, the swimmer can focus on a different aspect of their stroke – core body balance, upper body rotation, the smoothness of their turns, their leg’s streamlining and so on. They can then tweak these aspects while tracking performance metrics such as the time taken per lap and the number of strokes expended per lap.

By combining all these aspects, you can craft an intricate game that one can never get bored of playing. Besides, once they have mastered one stroke, they can start all over with another stroke. The game never ends.

The key to enjoy the boring tedium of mastering any craft is to notice variability that most other people are blind to.

Inspiration: Indistractable

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