Strings attached

On our upcoming beach vacation to Spain, we rented a car for the obvious freedom that it would give us – access to the best beaches for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking.

No sooner than we rented the car, we were faced with a dilemma – where do we put our car keys when we go out to swim? Googling this problem made me realize that there aren’t too many great solutions.

Given that most car keys are electronic, we could buy a waterproof pouch and swim with it. However, there is the added hassle of choosing the right pouch and ensuring that we don’t lose it while swimming. There are also ways to hide your key under a rock or on the body of your car before heading out into the water. However, it is highly unlikely that we would find a hiding place that a seasoned car thief cannot sniff out.

Renting the car robs us of the freedom of heading out into the water with complete peace of mind. Relying on public transport confines us to certain routes and schedules. Either way, we are forced to reckon with a trade-off.

Freedom always comes with strings attached. Those strings are pulled by the weight of our expectations.

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