God will notice

I once remember reading a fable about a watchmaker who painstakingly engraved on the inside of his watches. When somebody pointed out that nobody would notice his diligence, his reply was ‘god will notice’.

Whether or not that argument appeals to you, the broader question is about how we do our work when nobody else notices it.

On days I have given my 100% to my work, I am left with a sense of satisfaction that I have showed up. When I go to sleep, my mind is calm and quiet because I have done my due. On other days, when I cut corners or procrastinate, I am left with a nagging feeling inside my head. This nagging feeling causes me to stay up late and waste more time, pushing me deeper into a downward spiral. I am plagued with the guilt of having let myself down by not showing up to the fullest extent.

Some part of our being always keeps a careful account of the ways in which we show up in every moment. Even if nobody else notices, your conscience will.

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