A hidden cause for our busyness

There is one overlooked cause of our chronic busyness – half-assery.

Half-assery always leaves us feeling a little empty. Doing any work saps our energy. Even idling around can be exhausting. However, if you’re deeply engrossed in the work you do, your tiredness is accompanied by satisfaction. If you half-assed your work, you are left feeling that you could have done more. And it is the nagging feeling of ‘I could have done more’ that leaves us feeling busy.

When you whole-ass every waking hour of your day, you will go to bed exhausted, but deeply satisfied. Your sleep is deep and you wake up refreshed to whole-ass the next day. On the contrary, half-assery keeps us awake in bed and exhausted the next morning. High performance always alternates between high-intensity and complete rest. Half-assery leaves us hanging in the middle.

A life well lived is a string of days we can look back on with the satisfaction of having given it our best shot. The key to do that is to design a life around whole-assery and avoiding half-assery.

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