The fight for order

If vehicles follow lane discipline, traffic in a town would be orderly.

That rule sounds simple enough, but the town’s municipal authority to ensure that:

  • Lanes are of uniform width and in accordance with an area’s capacity needs
  • Few obstacles are placed on the innermost lanes that require slow moving vehicles to swerve around by switching lanes
  • Slow moving traffic does not use the outermost lanes
  • Ensure flowing traffic despite road construction and repair activity
  • Clear signages on which lane has priority when streets intersect
  • Stringent training and testing to ensure that only drivers who follow these rules get a license
  • Good policing to ensure ongoing compliance
  • Roads also cater to the town’s future needs

Even as we take orderly systems around us for granted, it helps to remember that chaos is the default state of the universe. When you impose and maintain order, you are fighting the universe itself.

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