Does it still make sense?

Does it still make sense that we live in crowded cities despite having the privilege of working and playing anywhere?

Does it still makes sense that we pay enormous tution fees for lessons and networking opportunities that are available for free?

Does it still make sense that laws and governance happen offline when most of our lives are led online?

Does it still make sense that we vote for local governments despite living in a world where we often have more in common with people on the other side of the world than our next-door neighbour?

In the 21st century, does it still make sense that we insist on hiring people based on a piece of paper that tell us where they went to college?

Do our most deeply ingrained habits still make sense?

One thought on “Does it still make sense?

  1. No.
    I am all for living on the west coast ( Ganpatipule or there abouts) or may be in some remote village with waterfalls & hills.
    But i have 1 fear – whether these places have uninterrupted power supply & fast internet? & clean water?
    Probaby no😭


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