Look further ahead

My excellent driving instructor here in Germany made me realize that despite having driven several thousand kilometers, I still make the most basic driving errors.

For one, he pointed out how I constantly made micro-adjustments with the steering to stay on my lane even on a straight road. He told me that this was because I fixed my gaze right in front of my vehicle when I was driving. Instead, he asked me to fix my gaze far ahead. When I did this, my hands stopped wobbling on the steering.

Looking further ahead makes you a better driver in several ways. You can anticipate the movement of traffic earlier and adjust accordingly in advance. If the traffic pile-up starts moving, you can get ready to go. You can also choose lanes better at intersection. Your driving is more steady.

‘But then’, I asked my instructor, ‘what if something happens closer to the vehicle? Wont I miss it?’

He pointed out how this isn’t a problem because despite our gaze being further ahead, our peripheral vision and our reflexes swing into action if something nearby happens.

With all our projects, it helps to redirect our gaze a little further ahead than just today. Teams often do this with weekly or fortnightly planning. This steadies our hand and prevents us from being reactive.

And don’t worry about the occasional crisis. When it does comes by, our reflexes will swing into action to deal with it.

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