Have you put in the work?

Recently, I have started to sit down everyday and either draft two blogposts or spend half an hour trying to do so.

Even when I don’t have ideas or am struggling to express an idea, I hammer away at the keyboard without doing anything else for half an hour. Thereby, I have evolved a system of putting in the work even if inspiration does not show up.

To my great surprise, in most of these sessions, I end up writing two drafts within the half an hour window. If not, I still wrestle with my thoughts and emerge with much greater clarity. Most importantly, since I have put in the work, I can go about the rest of my day without a lingering feeling of guilt.

When the prospect of what we can achieve frightens us, we stop short of putting in the work. Yet, despite that, we somehow expect to realize our true potential. Can there be a surer recipe for suffering?

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