Alternate between thinking and doing

An open water swimming race has several more dimensions than one held inside a swimming pool.

For one, you don’t have clearly defined lanes to swim between. An open water swimmer is responsible not just to maintain a good pace, but also to stay on course. Straying even a few degrees off-course can cost you big in a long race. To see where you’re going, you need to put your head up and look. However, doing this slows you down – one can swim the fastest by putting one’s head down and powering through, stroke after stroke. Therefore, open water swimmers to strike a delicate balance between speed and orientation.

Every project requires us to balance planning with execution and often alternate between the two. We find it difficult to do this. When we plan, we find it difficult to secure commitment and start executing. And once we are executing, we often don’t stop to check if we are headed in the right direction.

What does your current project feel like? If you’re having too many discussions but not getting anything done, it’s time you put your head down and start executing. If you can’t remember the last time you sat down to figure out where you’re headed, put your head up. You are caught in a swirl of execution.

Inspiration: Leadership is Langauge

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