How to start big projects

Starting your own business can be an intimidating prospect.

First, you need a suitable business idea and a business plan to back it up. Second, you need somebody to fund your idea. Third, you need to collaborate with other people to realize your plan. Fourth, you need to think what you need to do differently from your competition. Fifth, you need to navigate the relevant rules and regulations to get there.

A list like that often keeps us from getting started. We feel paralyzed. Such projects remains on our to-do list forever, and like tenants that overstay their lease, they refuse to budge.

The antidote here is to pick the smallest part of that project we can do right in this moment and do merely that.

What part of that starting your business can you achieve in this month? You could identify your target audience – the people you wish to serve. If so, what can you do today? Today, you could send out emails and setup meetings with a few prospects. What could you do in this minute? You could make a list of prospects to reach out to later in the day.

Before we start anything at all, we are used to asking ourselves if we have everything we need to finish. Instead, we merely need to ask ourselves if we have enough to get started.

We are paralyzed by uncertainty, and driven by forward motion.

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