Between a yes and a no

We are open to saying ‘yes’ to most experiences if somebody else puts their hand up.

A study was conducted to ascertain if people would be happier speaking to each other while on their morning’s commute. Well, we all know that few things can be worse than some stranger starting a conversation with you on your morning commute. Our instinctive feeling here is that we would rather like to be left alone. However, our intuition lets us down. The study clearly indicated that people’s mood improved when they spoke with a stranger rather than being left to their own selves.

Strangers look forward to engaging with each other if somebody else asks. But they wouldn’t ask themselves.

Oftentimes, what lies between a yes and a no is for somebody to take the initiative. Whether that is smiling at a stranger walking past or volunteering to lead an initiative, the only thing that stands between you and something you wish to accomplish is the simple act of putting your hand up.

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