What authority gives us

We all have some disdain for figures of authority – for monarchs, dictators, politicians, popes and bosses.

Our disdain stems from these figures taking away our autonomy – something dear to us as humans. However, all these positions continue to exist for a reason – despite hating them and revolting against them in some moments, we adorn them and shower them with respect in others. If they didn’t serve a purpose, we would not have them around. What do they offer us in return?

Having an authority figure lets us off the hook. When a tricky decision has to be made, we can turn to them to make it. If the nationwide lockdown cripples the economy, we have somebody to point our fingers towards. If a lockdown wasn’t announced on time, we know whom we can peg those death tolls on.

Outsourcing authority gives us the entitlement to complain. In the absence of authority, we only have ourselves to blame. Our respect and adulation comes from their ability to give us certainty – something we crave for.

Before you abolish authority, by organizing a revolution or by turning self-employed or, have you prepared yourself for the chaos that will unfold soon after?

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