More powerful than the internet

For most of human history, it was impossible to get the world to read something that you wrote.

Then came the printing press in 1440. With the advent of printing, came with it the ability to mass produce books and pamphlets. Right up until the end of the 20th century, the only way the world could read your writing was for you to print it out and hand it to them physically. Your reach was limited to how far you could send the piece of paper that contained your writing, and at the pace at which that it travels.

Today, we live at a time when I can hit publish on a webpage and instantly see it replicated on every device connected to the internet. If that isn’t a revolution, what is?

Yet, although this marvel of ‘push button publishing’ has happened during my own lifetime, I take it for granted. And most of us do.

What is even more powerful than the internet revolution is our ability to take progress for granted.

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