How to make a routine more interesting

A couple of days back, I watched a video where I learnt that flexibility depends upon moisture content in muscles. With age and lack of activity, muscles dry up and stiffen. Children are more flexible than adults since adult tissues have already lost about 15% of their moisture content.

I am not as regular as I would like to be with my morning yoga routine. However, the day after I learnt about that flexibility factoid, I was inspired to do my yoga routine. In fact, I have noticed a higher drive ever since. It is surprising that this piece of trivia, actually changed my behaviour for the better.

Preparing your own food makes it taste better. Watching how something is prepared allows us to appreciate it better, like this 4 min video on how pencils are made.

Even the most beneficial routines can turn boring. To make them more interesting, be curious about how they work. You might just find yourself more motivated to stick to them.

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