Let us rebrand leadership

It is way more exhilarating to find the solution to a puzzle than have it revealed to you. A necessity for any feeling of accomplishment is the feeling of having done it on one’s own.

Our lives are filled with puzzles to solve. The best leaders among us dedicate their lives towards helping us solve these puzzles ourselves.

Great teachers invest in helping students learn by finding answers on their own – by giving them projects and assignments that make them think better.

Great managers understand the motivations of their colleagues and channel it into activities that generate profit for their enterprise.

The best counsellors don’t offer solutions to people’s problems. Instead, they listen without judgement, and thereby help people solve their own problems.

We need to rethink the term ‘leadership’, for excellent leadership is more about helping people find their own path rather than showing them the path to follow.

2 thoughts on “Let us rebrand leadership

  1. Oh ok.
    But sports doesnt work that way. An inept leader who had no control over his team mates, read Rahul Dravid, was responsible for 100s of matches slipping through the fingers, whereas a strong leader like Allan Border could bring out the best in everyone.


    1. The broader point I was making is this: we have associated leadership too closely with authority. However, in today’s world, one increasingly has to lead by influence rather than authority. Therefore, we need to rethink leadership.

      With specific examples in sports, your mileage may vary. For instance, did Rahul Dravid have influence over his team-mates if not authority (or control)? I don’t know.


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