Teaching is marketing

UiPath, which had a successful IPO last week, is the market leader in the RPA software market. But UiPath wasn’t always the leader. Just 4 years back, UiPath was a distant third.

One of the main reasons for UiPath’s phenomenal growth is rather understated. Even as early as 2017, when the RPA market was quite nascent, UiPath invested in a world class online training and certification programme. Further, it offered this training and its software free to anybody willing to learn. This initiative turned UiPath into the software of choice in the developer community. Today, UiPath’s biggest evangelists are its users.

One of the most underutilized, but effective means to brand yourself is to teach others how to use your product. This is quick means not just to build a tribe of brand loyalists, but also to figure out which parts of your software people are most interested in and their most pressing pain-points.

I wish I had learnt this in B-School.

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