‘Disposable’ income

A disposable tissue is one that you discard after you blow your nose into it.

A disposable container is one that you discard after you have eaten your take-away meal.

A disposable bag is one that you discard after carrying home your groceries.

So what is disposable income? Can hard-earned wealth be disposable in the same manner that a soiled tissue is?

Economists define disposable income as whatever is left after income taxes have been deducted. Essentially, they define all net-income as being ‘disposable’. It is little wonder that they measure the health of a country’s economy merely on the basis of how much its people spend.

We have inherited a culture that encourages you to dispose off whatever you have earned. It then pushes you to earn more and repeat this process ad inifinitum in the name of growth and progress.

On the bright-side, saying ‘no’ is an option that we all have, by not treating our income as disposable.

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