Dancing with the outcome

We have lesser control over outcomes than we think we do.

A parent could give a child the best upbringing, but he isn’t in control of how the child turns out.

A candidate could perform to her best abilities in an interview, but she isn’t in control of its result.

You could give your friend some well-meaning advice, but you’re not in control of how he would receive it.

Nevertheless, our actions do have a bearing on the outcome. A child that is brought up well is likely to turn out well. A candidate who performs well in an interview is likely to be chosen. A friend is likely to heed advice that is sensible.

We don’t have complete control over a single outcome in this world. But like a dancing partner, every outcome responds to the moves we make. The way forward isn’t to tunnel on inputs while ignoring outcomes, but to use the outcomes as feedback to refine our inputs and give it another go.

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