Why do we still wear uniforms?

Like most children in India, I wore a uniform to school.

Throughout my schooling, I never stopped to think about what uniforms were for. Think about the word ‘uniform’. A uniform surface is completely level, without pits and bumps. A uniform object meets spec in every respect. A uniform student is compliant without any sign of independent thought. Uniformity helps you fit in and prevents you from standing out.

Is that what school is for? To fit into a mold and not stand out? For unquestioned obedience rather than independent thinking?

Industrialists built the school system to ensure that you fit into their molds. But we have since moved on. Today schools need to nurture independent thinkers who can stand out. We need schools that celebrate the unique gift that each student can offer to the world. 

As long as a school can do that, I don’t have anything against school uniforms. 


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