A mountain out of a mole-hill

I once had the privilege to trek with a unique trekking group.

On our treks, tents and GPS were prohibited. We would often choose to approach a climb from the most challenging face – one with sheer rock faces, thorny shrubs and dense vegetation. We would trek through the night rather than by daylight. At the end of each of our treks, we felt a surge of accomplishment since we strived so hard to get there.

The point of a trek isn’t to get to the end. The point is to enjoy the experience of getting there.

In several walks of life, we are often tunneled by what a particular destination has to offer us. Yet, the destination itself is but a tiny fragment of the experience. Most of our life is the journey we take to get there.

If you drove up a hill, you would not enjoy the view from the top as much as if you had hiked up its most challenging face. Enjoying the journey is also key to appreciating the destination.

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