Prisoners of snapshots

Think back on the absolute worst thing you have done in your life. Now assume that everybody else in the world knew what you did in that moment and always measured your worth based on that one single act. How fair would that be?

Yet, this is how most prisoners are treated. A person is confined to a prison for the worst act he commits. His wrongdoings are made public, his pictures appear on newspapers and he is branded a convict for the rest of his life. Even after he is out, the tag ‘ex-convict’ follows him around. His crime hangs around his chest like the ancient mariner’s albatross.

Now think about the absolute best thing you have done in your life, for which the public hoists you on a pedestal and worships you. For the rest of your life, the public expects you to live up to that peak moment. The moment you slip up, they are quick to knock you down. Would you be able to handle the pressure of being the best version of yourself in the public eye for every moment of your life?

Yet, this is exactly how we treat our celebrities.

There is more to people than their best and worst snapshots.

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