The bottomless ‘have-to’ list

I have to breathe.
I have to drink enough water.
I have to exercise regularly.
I have to eat healthy.
I have to meditate.
I have to get enough sleep.
I have to maintain a journal.
I have to read.
I have to pay my taxes.
I have to call home often.
I have to be prudent with my finances.
I have to start work on time everyday.
I have to stay in touch with my friends.
I have to grow in my career.
I have to start a side-business.
I have to worry about the Covid-19 spread in my home country.
I have to practice playing the guitar.
I have to be appreciated for my work.
I have to gift my partner on our anniversary.
I have to perfect my dal makhani recipe.
I have to stay up to watch my football team play.
I have to say something intelligent at the dining table.
I have to be invited to parties.
I have to visit the Amazon.
I have to buy the latest model of Google Pixel.
I have to stay informed about the US presidential election.
I have to learn how to cook Thai food.
I have to invest in skin care.
I have to go bungee jumping.
I have to renew my wardrobe.

The list of things that the mind feels obliged to do is endless. Like honey adulterated with molasses, the frivolous often blends in with the essential.

The extent of your freedom bears an inverse proportion to the length of your have-to list.

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