Replace a ‘change’ mindset with a growth mindset

From today, you switch to computers – not papers.

From today, your team works remotely – not from office cubicles.

From today, learning doesn’t end with your university degree. You have to learn every year just to keep your job.

These things are inevitable – you must embrace change, and we, as your bosses, will manage it.

Change is perceived as a necessary evil – something that is hard, unpleasant and imposed. But the problem mainly lies in how it is framed.

From today, you get to work with computers that are 10 times faster and more secure than working with paper.

From today, you get to work on your terms rather than having to show up somewhere at a particular hour.

From today, you get to learn something new every day. We will invest in your growth.

If your aim is to change people, it is difficult – you need to impose it and ‘manage’ it. If you wish to help people grow, things can be a lot easier. All you need to do is to remove the obstacles that get in the way.

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