Not enough time

Do you often feel like there isn’t enough time?

Since my mid-twenties, I live with the niggling feeling that I always have more stuff to do on any given day than the number of hours it contains. Time always seems to pass too quickly.

That is, until I sit down and close my eyes for an hour. When I meditate, time simply doesn’t pass fast enough.

The main reason time flies is because we have filled our lives with activity. To counter this, we try to do more – to automate, optimize and try to outrun the ticking clock by running even faster. Alas! All of this activity only serves to dump fuel into the raging fire.

‘Not enough time’ is a mirage – one that appears more real the faster we run towards it. Instead, it helps to slow down, suspend activity and observe the empty space between the tick and the tock.

2 thoughts on “Not enough time

  1. True. But very difficult😰. And I always feel guilty, if I am sitting & watching a movie or take a nap or wake up late, or spend money for anything or eat sweets, or fight with athimber…….. the list is endless…….
    What helps a little is telling myself “its ok to make mistakes”….. 😢

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