Going against your gut

I started a daily blog mostly by following Seth Godin’s lead.

It was hard to keep this habit up. Every other day, I had no clue what to write about. Further still, I would be aghast at the quality of some of my posts. On some evenings, I couldn’t reason out my drafts from that morning. On others, I couldn’t even comprehend them.

For several months, writing a daily blog seemed like an exercise in futility. I often thought of quitting, but I had a dilemma. I remembered Seth Godin’s advice on persisting with a daily blog. It was my experience of daily blogging for a few months vs. Seth’s experience of having done it for more than a decade.

I chose to trust Seth’s judgement for he knew about this better than I did. That decision has paid off.

I certainly advocate bringing healthy skepticism to advice we receive from the outside. However, it is harder, but more important to treat our own own notions no differently.

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