The problem with shortcuts

Cheats codes in computer games are a devil’s bargain. The instant you use them, your character gains superpowers and you are happy to exploit them. However, once you finish the game, you are left feeling empty. A cheat code robs you of the accomplishment of finishing the game on your own.

Real life shortcuts are more pernicious. When a book or a course offers you a shortcut to mastering a particular skill, they often give you a cheat code to get to the end rather than invest the hours and the effort required to master fundamental principles. Sure, you may somehow get to the end. However, you often cut corners and don’t understand what you do.

Besides, you are robbed of the accomplishment that true mastery fosters.

One thought on “The problem with shortcuts

  1. True, Anupam..
    Even though swimming instructional videos show the correct technique, there is no way I could replicate those, without hours & hours of grind , by splitting it into minute drills, improving one at a time etc. I guess sport is like that.

    Though, I used to cheat when playing scrabble😅

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