Retreats first policy

Have you ever had something that you always wanted to do, but kept putting off for the lack of time?

I have been wanting to go a meditation retreat one for nearly two years now, but I have never found the time to go on one. And then, I observe the people around me. Living in Germany has shown me how Germans plan their vacations. As early as Jan or Feb, they lock in their long summer vacation on their calendars and make some essential bookings. They then plan the rest of their lives around this vacation. They then do this once again for a shorter winter vacation.

In essence, Germans take their vacations seriously – enough for it to go first on their calendars and plan the rest of the year around it.

The author Yuval Noah Harari does something similar with his meditation retreats. They are the first things he puts into his calendar every year. I ought to take yet another leaf out of his book.

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