Teaching vs. learning

It would take you a week to read a book on programming using a new language. However, for you to truly learn to program in that language can take years of practice.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science is about 300 hours of instruction – that is the teaching part. The learning part involves more than 10,000 hours of fixing bugs, finishing projects and deploying production ready code. A university degree is not a certificate of being an expert. It is a sign of initiation. That is why, the speech made at your graduation is called a commencement address.

We often confuse teaching and learning. I can teach you the basics of chess in about an hour. However, it would require several hours of practice for you to apply and internalize those principles into your gameplay. When a book or a video promises that you will learn ______ in a few hours, don’t buy into it.

To teach somebody is to give them a seed to a tree. To learn is to plant and nurture it for several years, until it can stand tall on its own.

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