Learning to juggle

Juggling is about catching and throwing. When we see a juggler on a street corner, we are drawn towards how well she can catch – how she does not drop a single ball. However, throwing is the more important part.

The part about juggling that most impresses us is the catching part. That is why, when we learn to juggle, we throw a couple of balls in the air and lunge forward to catch them. However, this approach doesn’t get us too far.

Learning to juggle is about learning to throw. When the throw is perfect, the catching takes care of itself. Throwing a ball well ensures that the juggler stays balanced. A good teacher starts off by teaching you to throw, rather than catch. When we work on throwing a single ball with the same trajectory for 45 minutes, we already make great progress towards learning to juggle.

In juggling, throwing is the input and catching is the outcome. We are creatures who are outcome focused – that is why we pay attention to the catching. However, juggling is more about the input – about throwing well. The inputs are what we ought to pay more attention to.

Inspiration: Seth Godin

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