Understand the boundaries

A good architect has a intricate understanding of the laws of physics, for they are the framework around which his creative ideas fit. Any building that disregards the laws of physics isn’t going to be around for long.

An economist must ponder the question of what money cannot solve – that is the boundary of her expertise. Money cannot buy honour or friendship, and economists, through their elaborate models, ought to stop pretending that they can.

Technologists must try and isolate problems that technology cannot solve. Most social networking sites were started to bring the world together. And yet, we have seen the ease with which they tear people apart. A better version of technology is not the best means to address every social problem.

Modern medicine improves in leaps and bounds. Life expectancy around the world continues to increase. However, every doctor has to understand the boundaries of their own diagnoses and drugs – domains where placebos and faith still stand a small chance.

Architects understand the boundaries of their craft, for the punishment for not doing so is swift and definite. For the rest of us, we have to work harder and use our imagination, lest we walk around with a hammer and cause much destruction despite the best intentions.

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