Can you imagine?

Can you imagine a school where teachers don’t lecture at a class? Instead, students learn on their own with teachers as their guide? Where there is no ranking, comparison among peers or academic pressure of any sort? Where learning is self-directed and school hours are filled with joyful discovery? Yes, schools like that exist.

Can you imagine a company that is managed without managers? Where employees set their own working hours, salaries and bonuses? And no, I am not talking about a tech startup, but a full-scale manufacturing company, replete with factories and assembly lines. Yes, companies like that exist.

Can you imagine a cop deciding to hand out tickets for good behaviour rather than for crimes? Where teenagers receive appreciation for tossing garbage into the trash can, helping elderly people cross the road or shaping up to be responsible adults? Yes, an officer tried that with great results.

To imagine a different school, workplace or police department, you need to challenge the underlying assumptions that we have about people – about students capable of directing their own learning, employees capable of self-management and teenagers capable of responsible behaviour.

Can you imagine a better world by challenging some of your deeply held beliefs?

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