Can I play this game longer?

To evaluate a particular habit, think about its sustainability.

Some people habitually max out their credit card. Needless to say, one can’t play that game for very long.

Burgling convenience stores is a great source of adrenalin. So is cycling through the countryside. Which of those acts will lend itself to continuity?

Working 16 hour days under a boss you don’t like might fetch you a higher salary today. Contrast that to an 8 hour workday with somebody you love working with. Which situation can you sustain longer?

When dating somebody, does every passing hour you spend with them make you want to spend more time with them? Would your partner say the same thing about you?

Does your investment strategy have a portfolio that enables you to invest tomorrow as well? Or does it entail a chance, however small, that you blow up?

The good choices in life are the ones that keep you in the game. The best ones enable you to play better the next day.

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