Reframe it so you are in control

If you asked your boss for a raise, she is likely going to deny it.

One way to look at this situation is to assume that the boss wants to withhold the raise from you. Her motive is to extract as much work from you as possible without compensating you fairly for it. Looking at it this way places the onus on your boss. Therefore, you have no control over the situation.

An alternative is to assume that the boss wants to give you a raise, but she doesn’t have strong enough reasons to justify it. You could change that by pointing to specific instances of your excellent work, the extra money it has earned for the company, and why it is in her interest to give you that raise. This way, the onus is on you. But it also gives you control over the situation.

When faced with an obstacle, can you reframe it so that you are in the driver’s seat?

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