Entry point bias

The design of our tongue is the reason for some of the most pressing health problems in the world today.

Our tongue is built to fall in love with food that is rich in fat, salt and sugar – the kind that isn’t really good for the rest of our body. Yet, since the tongue lies at the entry of the eating process, it exerts a huge influence on what we eat. The food industry has exploited this to leave in its wake the biggest health problems of the world today – obesity, blood pressure, heart disease and so on.

We see the entry bias in several other places.

Companies are designed to hire people with good resumes and great interview skills. Yet, only too often, people who are good at those things are not necessarily your best employees (and vice-versa).

It feels good to scroll down a social media feed in the first five minutes. It takes about 2-3 hours of manouvering through a rabbit hole of frivolity to start to realize how meaningless it starts to feel.

Beware of the entry point bias. What feels good now isn’t necessarily what will continue to feel good later.

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